Resident of Dumbarton Oaks

By: dutcha

Jun 08 2013

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2 comments on “Resident of Dumbarton Oaks”

  1. The snake is a Northern Brown , our most common local snake, very small and harmless. They will not bite, are not venomous, are often found under flagstones, in mulch piles, loose soil or under leaves when raking. They feed on worms, spiders, and other very small crustaceans and they are beneficial to the yard and garden. If picked up )safe to do so), they may “musk” or spray a foul smelling liquid on your hand as a self defense mechanism. They are easily identified by the small size and the double row of dots that run down the back. The head is also a solid dark color. Females are larger than males, and they give “live birth” rather than laying eggs.

  2. Thank you so much for the great information!

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