Historical Garden Tour

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8 comments on “Historical Garden Tour”

  1. Please add me to your email list notifying of events at Dumbarton Oaks.

  2. I just noticed the Historical Garden Tour link here – what a great slideshow to help visualize the history and development of Dumbarton Oaks’ house and gardens over the last century. Great addition to the blog!

  3. Please email events coming up during the next month!

  4. Cherry Blossom for April 9, 2011

  5. Please email me about coming events. Thank You.

  6. I first became aware of the Dunbarton Oaks Collection in 1974 when I was studying Byzantine Art. It is really a stunningly beautiful property and I can not wait to visit this summer to see the gardens. I have a friend who used to swim in the pool. I love the historical slide show.

  7. the whole d o Website is very fruitful for Research but since garden friends will read my comment i wish to say from Berlin
    that the gardens , present and historically, are absolutely beuatiful and charming — on the photogrpahs. — my house neighbour walked around there in october 2013,

    unfortunately for far – away visitors the 2 h 45 opening times for garden and Museum, 14 h – 16 h 45
    are far too short especially for scholars who also would like to see the gardens

    this comment is written by
    . Martin Ballot,1971 – 1976 pupil of byzantine art Scholar prof dr KLAUS WESSEL then at University of MUNICH after having been director of the BYZANTINE AND COPTIC COLLECTIONS at the BODE MUSEUM = KAISER FRIEDRICH MUSEUM; MUSEUM ISLAND BERLIN until 1956.

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